1 - Link your Twitter account

Go to the Link to social networks page to link your Twitter account. This page can be accessed by opening the "Social" menu. This will allow Smart Bet Tracker to tweet your public bets.

2 - Enable your tipster profile

Click the Become a Tipster button. This will allow you to place public bets. You will find this button in the Smart Bet Tracker Tipsters page under the "Social" menu.

3 - Place a public bet (tip)

In order to place public bets you must have your Tipster profile enabled (step 2). This will allow you to tick the "Public" checkbox in the betslip. In order to tweet your public bets, you must have your Twitter account linked (step 1). In this case the checkbox is called "Publish & tweet"

Tweet example

This is how your tweets will look like.