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The most complete web application to keep track of all your sports bets.

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Set up your bookmakers and wallets, including name, web address, currency, commissions and more.

When you bet for real you certantly use many bookmakers. Why limit yourself to Bet365 - or Bwin or William Hill - when you have dozens of reputable books to chose? And of course, you also use digital wallets (such as Skrill or Neteller). With Smart Bet Tracker you can keep up to date information about your balance on every bookmaker and wallet you use. And you can keep detailed information about all money transactions within them, such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, just to mention.

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Search for events

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Search for competitions and events in real time.

Smart Bet Tracker lets you easily search for events on every sport, country or league. Our integration with Betfair provides almost real time information so you can select events, markets and odds available at Betfair in an intuitive way. You can navigate through sports, countries, competitions and events. Use Smart Search to easily find any event with a few keystrokes. Type the sport, country, team or competition name in the search field and get all you need. Or make a few kestrokes in the apropiate field in the bet slip to get a list to narrow your search.

But that's not all. We keep old Betfair events for 24 hours so that you can record your bets later. Even when the information is no longer available, you will find it at Smart Bet Tracker to make your bet recording really fast and easy.

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Place simple bets, multiple bets, surebets and more.

Your bets will include lots of information that will allow deep analysis. For each bet you have the chance to include the date and time, the sport, country, competition and event, the market, outcome and odds, and, of course, the bookmaker and stake. You can also provide other information such as tipsters or comments.

But the best of all is that most of this information will be filled automatically. Just clicking on the odds shown for a specific market will take you to a bet slip with all necesary information. You will only need to enter the stake and chose the bookmaker.

Maybe 1% of bettors place surebets. If you are among them, Smart Bet Tracker has everything you need to track these surebets. You will have the chance to build surebets by chosing previously tracked bets. You will also have the chance to create surebets from scratch, placing all bets that make the surebet in a single step.

The surebet slip was specially designed to minimize data input. Common fields in a surebet will be entered once (date and time and all information about the event).

You can search your historical data by many fields, including, date range, bookmakers, tipsters, results, comments, teams, competitions and more.

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Settle bets

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Or just wait automatic settlement...

Your bets will be settled automatically if you provided all the information, and profits and commissions will be calculated accordingly. After Betfair settles each market, Smart Bet Tracker will get these results and settle your bets accordingly.

You can of course settle your bets manually or change any result at any time. Just select from the results drop down list (won, lost, half won, half lost or void) and let Smart Bet Tracker decide the profit and commission. You can also correct results and commissions.

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Analyze your bets

Smart Bet Tracker lets you analyze your bets and track your balances in real time. You can see trends and indicators, calculate ROI and yield, hit rate and more. You can display many graphs and reports showing your performance, and comparing how you did at each bookmaker. You can analyze your tipsters and see which sports and competitions you master.

An excellent tool to manage your winnings.

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Other tools

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Smart Bet Tracker is plenty of tools.

You can export your bets, surebets or transactions. You can manage different currencies and have automatic exchange rates. You can record free bets, bonuses and fees. You can manage your tipsters and their fees. You can record important notes to have reminders at a glance. You can see you betting history using a large number of custom filters. Many more tools to come...

An excellent tool to manage your winnings.

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